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Lolitas live in Wonderland.

Princess Alice is my love.

2 November
This is the commissions journal of up and coming gothic and lolita brands, Princess Alice and Princess BLOOD!

Of course, everything is under slow and steady construction and painstaking work at the moment, but please bare with us! All queries in regards to commissions and sales should be submitted to the displayed email address from now on, or alternatively, to the relevant posts in this journal. ^-^

This journal is for updates in regards to commissions, store updates, photoshoots, shipping and any exciting news!

It's a long and winding journey, but please support me! I hope to study fashion design and marketing at Tokyo MODE university in 2007, and eventually open my Tokyo based shop front (a collaboration between Princess BLOOD and Princess Alice!) in 2011! My web based store will be up and running well before then.

~_^ Until then!