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Mel [userpic]

You guys made this happen.

August 29th, 2006 (06:51 pm)

current mood: enthralled


I feel alot of things at the moment. Teary, happy...
I feel like I know where I want to go in life.
I did a bit of internal weeping when I saw these.
For some reason, I felt rather moved.

Anyways, these were a trial and printed on damask weave.
The real thing will be slightly altered- i.e. the crown.
The real things will be printed on something a tad more luxurious.



Posted by: Lilly (stardreamss)
Posted at: August 29th, 2006 09:08 am (UTC)

I'm so proud of you hun, you're really going to be a huge designer,
Good luck forever,!!!

Posted by: kyra_cat (kyra_cat)
Posted at: August 29th, 2006 09:26 am (UTC)

Hooray! So pretty!
may that label hang many times throughout my wardrobe ^_^

Posted by: nyanko-chan (kechara_)
Posted at: August 29th, 2006 10:29 am (UTC)

Wow that looks awesome! :D

May you go wherever your dreams care to take you~~ ^_^

Posted by: nessaneko (nessaneko)
Posted at: August 29th, 2006 10:45 am (UTC)

That's wonderful!
Ever since I started looking at the EGL community, your dresses stood out to me. Hopefully when I've saved some money I can finally buy one of your beautiful creations.
The labels look really nice and professional, too...

Posted by: LeylaFashion (magicleyla)
Posted at: August 29th, 2006 10:59 am (UTC)

omg! you are getting closer and closer to you're own brand!
Great! I am happy for you and proud!


(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Posted by: onizuneko (onizuneko)
Posted at: August 29th, 2006 02:55 pm (UTC)

*beats up Snakes*

Posted by: LET'S GO VISUAL! (krnsenshi)
Posted at: August 29th, 2006 06:00 pm (UTC)

I'm already a Princess Alice fan! XD

Posted by: Raven (ravenmelonai)
Posted at: August 29th, 2006 08:22 pm (UTC)

That's so grand. You're close, and we're anticipating!

Posted by: TheOsakaKoneko (theosakakoneko)
Posted at: August 30th, 2006 03:21 am (UTC)


Posted by: 【春霊火】 (haru_reika)
Posted at: August 30th, 2006 11:39 am (UTC)


Posted by: psycho ichigo (lolime)
Posted at: March 3rd, 2007 12:51 pm (UTC)

mel? i found you! slap me if i've got the wrong person -___-"
if you are mel could you tell me where to get clothing labels like the one above made? ^^

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