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Need your input.


I've done some rough production sketches and estimates on how much it would cost me to produce a few of the military lolita outfit. I've come up with a price in my head- and now I'd like to know how much you'd be willing to pay for it. (Please keep in mind that I have to eat and pay tuition fees!) It's a rather long stretch, I know. Sane people generally start off with smaller pieces, but I'd really like to see where this goes.

Outfit includes:
- Plain brown blouse
- Fully lined, tailored jacket with functioning pockets and leather belts and metal motiffs and synthetic leather trim/accents
- Fully lined, tailored skirt with box pleats

And I'm not sure about the hat... I'm looking at the moment to get it outsourced, as I don't think I'm up to making hats. All in all, the entire garment would take me about three days of solid work.

There was alot of interest in commissioning the design, but I'm not sure if I should actually go ahead with this. I'm thinking that I ought to make a set, grab a dear photographer friend and see how it turns out. But in the mean time, throw me a quote and tell me roughly how much you're willing to fork out.

Comments are all screened. ^_^
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You guys made this happen.


I feel alot of things at the moment. Teary, happy...
I feel like I know where I want to go in life.
I did a bit of internal weeping when I saw these.
For some reason, I felt rather moved.

Anyways, these were a trial and printed on damask weave.
The real thing will be slightly altered- i.e. the crown.
The real things will be printed on something a tad more luxurious.

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Princess Alice basics- Order now! ^_^

Good evening, lolitas. ^_^

Well, I was looking at all of the patterns I had drafted myself over the past month, and decided that it was a real pity to retire them to the bin after so much effort went into them. So, I've designed a few lolita staples- beautiful, versatile, sweet and very basic designs which are a must for any lolita! All designs will be made in your sizes, in the colour of your choice! I've taken a leaf out of Metamorphose's book- this is somewhat akin to the Crown Label. ^_^ Some very basic, stock items that work with all sorts of looks! ^_^ As I've already made adjustable patterns for these garments, I am able to create these for much less than the ammount I would normally charge.

I don't really have a sweatshop of magical sewing elves, so there is a very strict limit on the number I can make. ^_^;. Drop a comment or send me an email at princess.misa.misa(at)gmail(dot)com. ^_^

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Controversial designs.

Hello, darling friends list. Your mayuki_miyazawa is having something akin to an ethical dillema. =(

Not too long ago, I designed an SS-uniform inspired lolita outfit. I designed the outfit with the desire to create a beautiful, smart, powerful and somewhat frightening. (Obviously not sweet lolita). Whilst I'm generally opposed to themed lolita outfits, (as I find that they don't usually work), I gave this long thought and I felt that this would work. So, one problem left.

Is it reasonable to design, manufacture and sell this garment?

Obviously, I am not a Neo-Nazi. I abhor racism, fascism, Hitler and anti-semitism. I've studied European history extensively, my disgust towards Nazism is justified. But I appreciate Hugo Boss' sense of style. I might be repulsed at his beliefs, but his uniform design is appreciated and acknowledged by fashion critics. It's an intimidating, powerful uniform with a stigma attached to it. It's controversial, it's wrong.

But Range Murata sees it and creates character outfits based on it. Hermes adopts the crisp SS uniform style in their winter collections. Would I be opening a can of worms if I went ahead and created this? Of course, for glaringly obvious reasons, I draw the line at the arm band, the iron cross and the swastika. None of these elements would be incorporated in this design. I'd very much love to create this, but I don't want to offend or hurt anybody.

Advice, please. =)
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Princess Alice clothing tag.

Clothing tag for all future (original) Princess Alice designs and garments.
^__^ I'll be outsourcing these to a local factory in the very immediate future for some sample garments.
(i.e. the denim shirring JSK, pearl-ribbon JSK)

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